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Minecraft Minecraft server
hey guys been yakin with my buddy thats been showin me more with the mods and he asked me tonight if we might update to direwolf 20 (v1.0.1) minecraft 1.7.10 as tey just released it? let me knowSmile
if its going to need new map let me know asap as i want to be in creative mode to get my farms regoing and ill be fine and 30 diamondsSmile as i got a stack of 50 some and got my fortune pickaxes
Okay, just so everyone knows. We will tentatively be upgrading the server to Direwolf20 1.7.10 this weekend. A backup of the current world will be saved (in case the upgrade messes it up).

Basically, it's the same set of mods, just updated to work with Minecraft 1.7.10 (as opposed to 1.6.4).
ok update for direwolf is a no go as some of the current mods arent in the new update pack and as for everyone that lags on the server these days try installed the soartex texture pack its in the maps and textures in the feed the beast launcher as it will make it run alot smoother and it looks way betterSmile
sounds good

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