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Farewell, but not for good.
Just wanted to update the clan on some heartbreaking news...

Two of our beloved admins (Blitz and Soul) and one new member, but long-time friend (Mr. T) have spent so much manly time together surviving a zombie apocalypse in DayZ that they've decided to go their own way and start a DayZ clan.

Although this is difficult for FriscoAssassin and I to hear, we understand completely since we both have not been around much (due to real life constraints). However, we wish our friends good luck in their adventure.

You guys are a great group of guys to play with and we hope that we can all continue to be friends, play together, and keep in touch.

Don't leave!  I can change! I promise!

Well, okay.  I probably can't change enough to get them to come back.  I will say that I was pretty sad when I heard the news. 

  Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad

It appears that this is the risk we take as multi-platform, mutli-game, adult gaming clan.  Sub-groups may develop and not feel as connected to each other and people may simply not have time to dedicate to the clan.  While I expected the sub-groups to develop for each game, I didn't realize the potential impact that it would have on the cohesiveness of the clan. 

Soul & Blitz, I will really miss you guys.  I am sorry I haven't been on at all to chat in quite some time.   Mr. T, I didn't really know you too well, but you seemed like a cool dude.  Good luck with your new clan, guys. 


Best of luck to you guys! You all will be missed. Slay some extra zombies for me! Big Grin
I wish you the best of luck guys. I hope we can still have a good bf4 day some time in the future. Hope you guys stay in touch : )
Hope well all can still all hang out and game sometime... Smile wish yah guys a happy lifeSmile

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Farewell, but not for good.00