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Clash Royale Clash Royale Decks
idn't see any posts about Clash Royale yet (there's no prefix for it either) but what decks are you guys currently using?

This has been my deck for a while and it's proved to be quite effective getting me to Arena 6 Big Grin
[Image: Screenshot_20160401-1420341.png]
Here's a little info on why I chose these specific cards:
  • Spear Goblins - cheap, can attack both air and ground at a range, does decent damage if behind a meat shield and can act as a quick distraction
  • Minions - cheap, decent damage, flies (so avoids damage from melee troops) and has been a good counter against balloons, skeleton army and even barbarians
  • Arrows - cheapest of the aoe damage cards that can clear out weak swarms
  • Musketeer - deals a lot of damage if left unchecked and isn't too expensive. Also good counter to baby dragons
  • Hog Rider - goes straight for buildings, fast and deals a lot of damage. The main offensive card in the deck
  • Baby Dragon - aoe spash, good bulk and flies. Mostly use it as an off tank or to help clear swarms
  • Barbarians - main tank in the deck and deals a nice amount of damage. Acts as a great counter for lots of cards that hits slow (prince, hog rider, giant, etc.) Need to pay attention to elixir with this one
  • Barbarian Hut - spawns more barbarians! Can do quite a decent amount of damage to a tower if the lane is left undefended forcing the opponent to defend both lanes if you push the other. Hard to find the right timing to play due to its high cost. Mostly played during 2x elixir if given a chance.
I just added a prefix. Tongue

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